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MSXC Riders:

Re: Round 2 Iuka, MS

First I would thank those interested in this topic for their patience as we worked this out and handled the administrative changes to post the changes, write the letters, etc.

Second I would thank Mark Akers and crew for sticking out a miserable day and doing their best to save it. Lots of flared tempers, lots of frustrations from all sides. Don't judge one of these too badly until you do one yourself. There is way more to it than meets the eye. It takes weeks of preparation and hard work to do one, especially when weather is a factor. I'm confident Mark put those weeks of work into it to ensure this would not happen. It just didn't work out well as expected.

Finally, thanks to all the mails we got that were completely happy with everything and had no problems at all, tickled to death they were stuck up to their butts in mud with their comrades. But, we’ll try hard to keep those experiences to a minimum.

After careful consideration of the pros and cons of all the alternatives, in the interest of being as fair as possible to those who supported the series by (fairly) surviving through this event, the following actions will be taken for the Iuka, MS race. I have provided below a link to the 6 page letter describing these items and the reasons behind them. As I expect the 6 page letter would bore some of you to death, I am providing the meat of it here, in summary form.

1. Time data is toast for this event, no time data will be posted for this event (no laptimes).
2. Overall scores depend on time data. No standard “overall” points shall be awarded for the Iuka Event in any class. Each rider will receive the same overall points to differentiate them from someone who did not ride the event.
3. Protests based on time are invalidated for points calculations. Original scores stand.
4. Protest in the AA class stands.
5. This event did not go well enough to sufficiently represent fair enough competition, it included too much of a luck factor. This event was not representative of how our events go and is out of the norm. Therefore, this event will not be a contingency paying event. Instead, contingency programs will move to a different previously uncovered date in lieu of this one.
6. Drops are at 2 currently, we will increase the drops to 3 for the season, max.
7. ATV Pro class who was arguing about who should NOT get first place, kudos, but the places will remain as originally scored.
8. No changes to the Youth, these events went without significant issue.

For those who want the 6 pages of details:

Not happy, read the details. Still not happy, sorry.

Scores and points are posted. As always, you may let us know of any corrections by answering the 5 easy questions on the points page.

Lets all hope for better weather at Round 4!

*** TIP: Bar-Code Stickers vs. your Helmet. The labels we use to score you with are specially ordered with about the most aggressive adhesive known to man. This is on purpose because we want them to stay on even more than you do. Of course that can make them a pain to get off if you don't know how.... "How do I get those &^%$ stickers off?" you say. Warm them up with a hair dryer. Don't get it hot so the helmets protective lining is damaged, just get the sticker good and warm. A good hair dryer should do the trick. Once warmed, the bar-code label will peel off whole, completely, and easily. Note that the longer the sticker is left on, the more "permanent" it sticks. I use "Goo-Gone" adhesive remover to get rid of the sticky left behind, then wash with a light soapy cloth to remove the Goo-Gone. Lowes sells Goo-Gone. It's often in little bottles at the counter. One bottle would remove about 10 years worth of bar code adhesive.

However you remove them, please, at least get rid of all the labels at least every few races before they build up and separate. We had a rider once with about 3/8 inch stack of labels one day. This stack lasted about 2 laps until a branch (or the ground) knocked off the first 5 or six layers and then he had no number. For those who put tape under the bar-code label, and circumvent the super sticky label, be sure your tape doesn't come loose and the sticker sticks to the tape well. No barcode is your fault. You can figure what happens when you don't have it, especially if it's your fault <grin>.

NO PIT RIDING AT ANY EVENT. Enforcement could include being instructed to leave, disqualification, suspension, or series banishment.
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