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The Mid-South Hare Scrambles Series (MSHSS) is a Series of Cross Country Motorcycle and ATV races. The 2009-10 Winter Series represents our 30th season as an off-road series. We are NATIONALLY RECOGNIZED and have served as a model for many other location's series. We are considered the second laregst AMA sanctioned off-road off-road racing organizations in the US.

The Mid-South Series is THE place to ride all year long. This is the best off-road, cross-country riding in the southeast. Our events have classes to suit every rider from expert to beginner. We enjoy some of the best contingency support in the industry. All Winter series events and most summer events are scored by the Score Machine© bar code scoring system. (Don't confuse our scoring with other's - ours is the one that works... Every time).

All Mid-South events are promoted by individual promoters and/or clubs, all of which are sanctioned and insured through the American Motorcyclist Association. Our promoters all follow the same guidelines and series' requirements to insure that you will see consistency at each and every event you attend. Races start at the same time, on time; they run for the same amount of time; starting procedures are the same; etc.. The final race results are posted (correct) literally seconds after the race is over.

The Mid-South series covers the areas from North Miss. to North GA, to Southern IN, including all of Middle TN and KY. Most events are within a 2 hour drive from Nashville, TN. This year we will once again venture into Southern Illinois and Central Alabama.

The Mid-South series caters to both motorcycle and ATV enthusiasts. The motorcycle events begin at 11 AM (Youth at 8:30 AM) and the QUADs at 2 PM. All events are on Sunday to accommodate the many folks who must work on Saturday.

Our focus is on the rider and putting on a top quality event. Nowhere east of the Miss. River will you find events that are done better than ours. So come on and ride with us. If you are an expert, we have a place for you, if you've never been in a race before, you are welcome as well. We currently have several beginner, novice and intermediate classes available.


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